Question Answered

My followers have asked me why I don’t post the prices for the pieces I show on my site.  The answer:  My site is first and foremost for sharing what I love to do.  Many of the pieces are for sale and can be purchased, and when someone is interested, I know they will ask.  I’d like to keep the selling part “personal”, and the sharing part “global”.  I have a favorite site that I browse, almost daily, and it is just for the sheer pleasure of seeing what people are doing with their homes…how they are built, decorated, remodeled.  Many of the photos are so simply gorgeous they make me feel good just looking at them!  I hope that my art, in some way, also can make someone feel good, just by looking at it!!  Have a lovely week-end and thanks for following me on my site and on FB!

4 thoughts on “Question Answered

  1. Marg Fritts

    Henrietta, I am with Dane and Vickie tonight, and read your post about fearless life, fearless heart. I am in the middle of a separation from my husband of 39 years… and you have inspired me from your blog… thank you! I need to step out the door w/ no plan about where I am going, I can let my feet take me, fearlessly somewhere wonderful! I am praying to God for presence and hope and love! I have no idea where I am going… but am a prayer warrior… and waiting on the Almighty!

    1. hnri1950 Post author

      Marg, I wish you the best and I wish you all the courage you need to lead you on to a happier, more fulfilled life. New beginnings can be wonderful and terrifying at the same time…but with faith…the wonder wins.


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