New Art–New Challenges

I’ve been doing, primarily, acrylic painting and functional art furniture/design quite a while now. Recently I decided to delve into a new form of art known as “assemblage”…also sometimes categorized as mixed media. It is possible for there to be a fusion of assemblage, mixed media and functionalty in some pieces such as the birdcage lamp in my “Assemblage” section. I am taking time out from painting to experiement more with assemblage, as I seriously love dimensional work. Its exciting…challenging…and I feel so insecurely new….because the confidence of the brush and paint is not what is first at hand. But, at the same time, I love it and my mind spins with ideas, inspiration, and the multitude of materials that I can now avail myself of. I belong to an “assemblage online group” that is everything I ever wanted in a group of artists…committed, enthusiastic, supportive, helpful, generous, active. After working alone for so long, I feel there is now somewhere I can go…for anything art related…questions, problems, support, feedback. It makes me think that the concept of “starving artist” goes beyond financial gain…and is more about “starving” for this kind of support and meaningful conversation. For me, at least, it completes my world, and my world is all the better for it.

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