Passion and Purpose

I take time each morning to go through the new FB posts, and have found recently that there is a thread of similarity that exists…from day to day. Sometimes everybody is posting flowers to eliminate negative posting, sometimes they are expressing gratitudes and challenging others to do the same. Today…numerous posts showed up around passion/purpose and also generosity. This (very short) video illustrates what truly motivates us:

AND I agree with it, wholeheartedly. It is why I do art…why I love the autonomy and the sense of developing mastery in what I do. My art is very eclectic and I do not consider myself a master (yet). But I do it with passion and intensity and it gives me a great sense of purpose. I mentioned to the person who shared this video with me, that I would paint/create all day and give my art away all day long if it made the world a better place. Then I realized, I do paint/create all day some days…and that I have been motivated to give a piece of art away more than once. Why? because I realized the person really loved it, it made them feel better somehow by just looking at it….and money was no longer a factor. Down the road, in quite unexpected ways, I have been “thanked” so graciously for having given, that my world was made a better place, too.

If we listen to our hearts….we know what to do, when to do it, and for whom. That’s all it’s about…that’s how we make the world a better place with our passion and purpose.

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