Being a Fearless Artist

Sometimes I post photos of my art, through social media, which is really just something “craftsy” and simple. I don’t post them to get rave reviews or kudos for a job well done. I appreciate the friends who are kind enough to “like” them, because I recognize support when it comes my way. I post these photos as one way to use social media to keep my confidence. You see, for me it is important to remember that no act of creativity is too small or insignificant, there is no such thing as a creation being “not up to snuff” or “not good enough”. This is how I rid myself of the fear of being judged or of creating things the world doesn’t like or that other artists will not appreciate. Those are meaningless fears that have no place in my life…but they come (and I know I’m not alone with these fears)….and I make them go. I make them go by posting photos of cards or small gifts I have made….and any attempt that was made to have a work in progress….because whatever I have created represents the fact that a creative force is moving through me, and this is what it “made” today and because it was the best or the most I could do on that particular day. For me, this is what being an artist, and creating is all about…it’s how I take my place in the world; it’s how I learn to be the me I choose to be.


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