The Story Behind It All

When I visit a gallery, I love to find the artist(s) available to speak with.  There is nothing more interesting than to discover who the person is behind the creation(s).  In asking questions such as “what inspired you to paint this?”, “what do you love about this piece”, and “where do you see yourself, as an artist, five years from now?”, I learn so much.  First of all, I have learned that we, artists, are more the same than different in terms of our inspirations and aspirations and, secondly, I learn to view the art from the perspective of the artist.

What we see is how we choose to see it.  The more we know about what we are looking at, the more options we have (beyond our own perspective) to appreciate what is there.  When I view my art from the perspective of my worst (imagined) critic, I want to quit altogether.  When I view my art from the perspective of best supporter, the one who knows I have done my best, I want to keep creating, keep discovering what lies within.

In fact, I am my own best and worst critic and how I choose to see determines the future I create.  I am inclined to believe that only by leaving the narrow confines of our limited personal perspective, can we observe the bigger picture.  We leave that narrow confine by asking the questions, by hearing the stories.

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