New Creative Beginnings

A new year.  A place in our calendar of time in which we look at the potential of a clean slate.  New beginnings, perhaps also endings.  As an ever-curious-artist I look at what has been, but more so at what will be. Hitting  block for a period of time, my first BIG block, caused me to panic.  Finding that others hit these blocks was comforting, in that we all want to know we are not alone during challenging times.  Now, as the creative juices of curiosity begin to flow, once again, images appearing at my apparent inspirational hour of 3AM….I venture once again into that space of timelessness and unselfconsciousness.  The place where I disappear and something begins to appear, take on a life, and make itself known.  I am as curious as you are, to see what that might be.

“Always thank those who support your succes, for they are the reason you are successful.”

New works in the making…!

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