It has been an interesting journey, that of being an artist.  I became an artist, not by a traditional route (education/degree), but by calling.  One day, I was called to create, and so I did.  Yes, just like that.  And it is a journey that has been my saving grace, my desire, my unknown yet anticipated future, ever since.  With years behind me, now, I can see how my creative practice has transformed, not only what I am putting down on canvas, but myself as well.  I have written earlier of art being every artists own self portrait.  I see how the art I create is also a story, an autobiography, created one transformative chapter at a time.

  At this time, reading the chapters has led to an awareness of the purpose behind it all.  I have often sighed, in a bookstore, thinking “…and who needs to write another book, when all this already exists?”  And I have often signed in beautiful galleries, thinking “…and who needs to paint another painting, when all this already exists?”  And the answer, barely heard at first, is now loud and clear:  me.  For the same reason every writer, artist, creator continues on; especially, when they see it is a journey with an ever changing landscape:  because nobody will ever write, paint, create what you can. So, if we stopped or only did the same thing over and over, there truly would be nothing new under the sun.  As it is, we carry on, and create the new and ever changing landscape of the world and of our lives.  


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