Intuitive Art

Intuitive painting invites conversations. While it is a direct reflection of an artist’s innermost self in a very present moment, it is also a mirror that invites others to relate to something within their own self. It is a journey that others view and are able to say, I remember—I was there, too or, I am there right now. It may remind others of a dream, or a feeling, or a sense of something words cannot describe. Beyond it’s visual existence, intuitive art dives a little deeper into an emotional or spiritual undertone that speaks to being human beyond what is external.

Many artists paint what they see with their eyes….what is external.  And while that may be challenging and wonderful for improving skills, intuitive art is a completely different kind of skill.  It involves becoming still, connecting with your intuition and communicating between the mind and the heart.  It also, at times requires courage to look deeply within and paint or write what is most present in the moment.  it can involve healing an issue that brings up a strong emotion, a particular mindset, or even addressing the healing of a physical issue.

I encourage you to begin an intuitive art journal or project and experience for yourself te benefits of intuitive art.


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