These Interesting Times


Eventually, we find that sustaining anger and resisting what “is” drains us of our vital energy. We exhaust ourselves trying to navigate the mental turbulence that is being stirred up like a tsunami everywhere we look. What to do? Yes, move away and sustain your fight by seeking positive avenues that leave you feeling strong and accomplished, rather than exhausted and frustrated. Leave behind the soul sucking banter that attacks, belittles, demonizes and promotes hatred in the world.
What are those positive avenues, outside of citizen duty calls, petitions, staying in touch with those you have found solidarity with? Art in all forms, meditation, prayer, random acts of kindness, doing anything and everything that serves others, connects you with others, and that brings you joy. This is where hope becomes the change that makes a difference in the world. This is where you can lose that sense of helplessness and futility.

There is a lot of work to do during this seemingly insane time…so gather your energy, sustain your faith, protect your health and your mental clarity, and show up as the strong, powerful, intelligent, being you were designed to be. Refuse to be small, take that high road, and trust that your efforts are not in vain. All that appears to divide us is but an illusion, you can reach across the aisle, find common ground, ask the important questions, resist that which seeks to harm the collective spirit of humanity. Find the voice in yourself that speaks for what is right so as to uplift others to join you.

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