Every time you select “post”, you are going to have an effect on all who receive it.  You are going to elicit a reaction/a response….it will be almost automatic, because humans are wired that way (To respond to what our senses let in). You get to decide, before posting, if that reaction is going to be:  happy, sad, angry, or fearful.  These states of responsiveness (our four basic emotions) carry an energy signature that radiate out into the world. 

Consciously or unconsciously,there is always an intention behind what we put out there in the world which creates one of those powerful emotional energies, magnified by others who respond.  This is how every day, you change the world for yourself and others.  I am reminded, because of these thoughts, to choose more carefully what I create and project into the world.

Yes, we become angry or fearful about things we see or hear that are happening in the world today.  Do we want others to be fearful and angry, too—just so that we don’t have to feel alone with it?  Or do we put it out there in a “reaching” way…this is making me angry, this is making me afraid…what can I do about it, what would you do about it or what can we do about it?  ( A call to action) Sometimes, it is in fact a request for comfort during a time when we cannot bear a tragedy all alone…this made me sad, this is what broke my heart, this is a loss I have experienced.  This is another type of call to action, usually a personal request for solace.  But not always…animal cruelty makes me sad…it goes back to being more of an offshoot of anger underlying that sadness, Unless we can transform our negative responses into positive actions, all we can do is perpetuate that negativity out into the world…ours and others.  Choose carefully.

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